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The Essex Robot Arena

Essex Robot
	    Arena The Robot Arena at the University of Essex, opened in 2004, is one of the premier mobile robotics research facilities in the UK.

Through its 100 square metre powered floor, mobile robotics experiments can be conducted without interruption, facilitating research in continuous learning, unsupervised and autonomous operation of robots in "intelligent" buildings, etc. Measurement equipment such as computers, lamps, cameras etc. can also be placed anywhere in the Arena and powered directly off the floor.

Indoor Flying and Support Lab

The Robot Arena is high enough to allow experiments with indoor flying robots, and is extended through a neighbouring support lab, Essex Robot
	    Arena which allows the preparation of experiments and robot maintenance.

Automated Logging of Robot Behaviour

A logging system, using an overhead camera, allows the automatic logging of robot behaviour for subsequent analysis. Essex Robot

In this image, the robot is visible in the center.

For information about the robotics research conducted at Essex University, please visit the web site of Essex Robotics


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