Robotics Research @ the University of Essex

The Essex Robotics group is one of the large mobile robotics groups in the UK, with advanced mobile robotics research facilities such as the Essex Robotics Arena featuring the world's largest powered floor and a real-time 3D VICON motion tracking system.

Robotics research at the University of Essex focuses on autonomous mobile robotics, and addresses a wide range of research questions.

These include:

  • Human-Centred Robotics

  • Sensor data processing (laser, vision, sonar, infrared and tactile) and fusion

  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, self-organisation, emergent phenomena

  • Human-machine interaction

  • Biologically inspired robotics

Research is conducted in a large research laboratory on campus, the new £4m Robot Arena, which was opened in 2004.

For more information:

Human-centered Robotics

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